The Stranger


                     1985 Star Wars: Ewoks as Additional Voices




                    1986 Star Wars: Droids as The Great Heep




                    1989 Dragon Warrior as Narrator 



                                    King Charles                       Little John                                 Clockman




                                                    The Poltergiest King




                    1989 Captain N: The Game Master as King Charles 








                    1990 The New Adventures of He-Man as Treylus



                    1991 Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars as KOMPLEX




                            Nilus                                      Nilus                                             Nilus


                    1991 Nilus the Sandman as Nilus 


                    1991 Captain Zed and the Zee Zone as Additional Voices




                    1992 Conan the Adventurer as Ram-Amon




                    1993 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as Dr. Robotnik 



Graybeard The Pirate

                    1993 Madeline as Additional Voices



           Captain Capacitor                Old Man Pearson                   The Door Guardian




                    1994 ReBoot as Captain Capacitor, Old Man Pearson 


                    1995 Skysurfer Strike Force as Additional Voices




                    1996 Sonic Christmas Blast as Dr. Ivo Robotnik


                    1996 Stone Protectors as Additional Voices

                    1997 Salty's Lighthouse as Top Hat, Hercules and Stanley/Chooch 


Count Cornelius.

                    1998 Pocket Dragon Adventures as Additional Voices 






                    1998 RoboCop: Alpha Commando as Additional Voices 




        Fat Dof Mendoza             Golden Volcano God


                    1998 Fat Dog Mendoza as Additional Voices






                   1998 Camelot: The Legend







                          Mistle Toad

                   1999 Toad Patrol as Mistle-Toad (TM) 




                                                   Captain Jean Lafitte



                    1999 Sabrina, the Animated Series as Additional Voices 

                    1999 Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century as Additional Voices 

                    2000 Yvon of the Yukon as Additional Voices 

                    2001 Sitting Ducks as Additional Voices 

                    2001 D'Myna Leagues as Additional Voices 

                    2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as Azdar



                  Balthazar                             Balthazar                                 Balthazar


                    2003 Ben Hur as Balthazar




The Robotnik Song.



The Sandman's Here.


The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas.


 Winnie the Pooh.   

















Long John Baldry


Thanks to Jeff Edmunds and Paul Harris - (c) 2011 Eli Maas